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10 Major Reasons of Startup Failure

Startup culture is growing rapidly in India with Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad being the cities with highest number of startups being founded every year. Though Bangalore is called as the Silicon Valley of India, Mumbai is emerging as the fastest growing startup hub of India in 2014. 2014 is likely to see more startups being founded in three areas viz. Marketplace Tools, DIY e-commerce & enablers, content discovery and B2C.
Despite of all these positive vibes about startups, a significant number of startups, more than 80% of the startups fail within their first 3 years of run. Being part of the entrepreneur community, I never wanted startups fail. After searching the web for the reasons, I came up with a list of following 10 major reasons for startup failure.
1.Building wrong product Building a product without actually validating the product idea through potentials customers. Moreover, building a product that solves a trifle problem in customers life rather than one which …

How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile ?

LinkedIn has emerged as the largest professional network with more than 313 million members in over 200 countries and territories. These members include job seekers, employed personal, organizations, corporate companies and business discussion groups. It's a great place to connect, communicate and collaborate with your professional contacts.
A linkedIn profile acts as your professional bio data in your network. It is very important that you highlight all important aspects of your academic and professional career in your profile in concise manner. 
Here are 7 tips to standout in your network and attract more opportunities -  Set a good hand-and-shoulders photo of yourself in business clothes. Smile and look approachable. If possible get yourself  photographed from a professional photographer. Write a killer summary. Use the best way possible to display your passion about your field, highlight your accomplishments, key achievements, skills, your industry experience from various domains…