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What are bitcoins ?

8 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Drafting Marketing Reports And Sales Experiments

"Learning Fastlane" Marketing  Study Report 

‘Learning Fastlane’  is an online community of learning aspirants and trainers where you can learn new courses with free verified certificates, get career guidance, and train other members of community.

Customer Segments
Students Learning Aspirants Training InstitutesUniversities/CollegesEducation/Careere ConsultantsChannels to reach these customer segments

Marketing Campaigns in universities/colleges/schoolsSocial Media Marketing [Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Youtube]Email  Marketing [Using Mailchimp]Customer Engagement Strategies

Go Mobile - Provide a mobile applicationAdd social features to products - Give credits on completion of each course and provide facility to share one's achievements with other co-learners, facility to add friends Collect feedback from customers to  enhance customer experienceBuild a Brand identity – make it authentic, clearly defined, consistent and relevant to customer.Support user groups e.g group of stu…

10 books every entrepreneur should read in 2014

Entrepreneurs should make a habit of reading books. This helps them to get to learn about different business strategies, know about various mistakes that entrepreneurs make in their initial run, and enhances their thought spectrum. Reading helps entrepreneurs to understand business from different perspectives. 

Here's a list of 10 books that  every entrepreneur should  read this year - 
1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
In this book, Eric introduces you with the new "Lean Startup" methodology of creating sustainable business startups. It touts the principles of spending little, being comfortable with uncertainty, and pivoting quickly when direction must inevitably change course.
2.The Four Steps to the Epiphanyby Steve Gary Blank
Steve Blank shares his 20 years of experience in establishing tech startups, of failing and succeeding, through this book. In this must-read for those launching tech startups, Blank clearly outlined how to organize sales and marketing, discover flaws…

4 mistakes to avoid during a sales presentation

I  have given many presentations. But giving presentations can only give you a little stage confidence and a bit more empirical insights about how to present things to a group of people. Often this is of a little  help when it comes to delivering corporate sales presentations.
Following are few mistakes that you should try to avoid , when delivering a sales presentation.
1. Unclear thinking /  Lack of  preparation If you can't describe the objective of your interaction in one sentence, you may be guilty of fuzzy focus— trying to say too much at once. You'll confuse your listener and that doesn't make the sale. At any stage of the sales process, you should know in advance why you are interacting, what benefits you are offering your prospect or client, and what you'd like the next step to be.
2. No Emotional Connection  The most powerful communication combines both intellectual and emotional connections. Intellectual means appealing to educated self-interest with data a…

12 Must-have traits to be a Great Leader !

The Lean Jargon

Recently, I finished reading Eric Ries's "The Lean Startup". This book revolutionizes the way business startups are built and operated. It proposes  a novel methodology for ensuring startup success. The concept of lean is really easy and of must-adapt kind for modern businessmen.
To leaf you through the lean methodology,I have briefly explained the lean jargon below :
MVP MVP Stands for Minimum Viable Product. Its simply a early-bird prototype of the product under development.  MVP demonstrates the basic functionality or feature of product. It can be a  small running tool with 1/2 features, a power point presentation or a product theme animation video. MVPs can be built in very less time and can really help founders to get the customer feedback in early phases of product development. This helps founders to validate the product idea against what customers actually needs.
Build-Measure-Learn Loop

Leap of faith
Leap of faith is basically a set of assumptions that entrepreneurs ma…